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i-FunBox tool is a huge app this tool gives you extra control over your apple iOS device. Your iDevice app has clean, average, explorer interface with the five tabs to select what to do with your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch once it is linked: Managing App Data, File Browser, Welcome, Device Connection tab, and a Quick Toolbox. Download iFunBox is a moderately easy to use app any one that has a little really good quality functions. Once you connected you be able to view your iPhone, iPad or iPod data and the all files in a tiled menu. This has many advantages over the usual iOS menu operation system: you be able to drop, drag, and the move files liberally. iFunbox 2016 new present you so much extra control over your iDevice even if it does not jibe by your antivirus program. It's moderately easy to set up and will create Windows users a lot extra comfortable as they are learning ins and the out of their apple iOS device. The additional apps and also other actions it has staying for you presently a major bonus.while installing this course, our antivirus program flagged it as a doubtful download and try to chunk the install. The program appear clean or else, even down to the junk-free install. Apple users do want iTunes, Whatever, to get wherever with iFunbox download, which shouldn't be a trouble if you already own i device. just the once you need all the correct tools, you be able to hook up your device and course will study it, mechanically. The program allow you view your files and the app data in a cemented menu instead of the customary iOS menu, so you be able to drag, drop, and the move all files with no the customary hangups. In addition, the course be able to send the apps that you won't discover in the app store correct to your phone, iPad or iPod touch for downloading. It does not even build you jailbreak your i phone to take them. If you are weary of put up with the iTunes to control your iphone, iPad and iPod Touch’s files, this program set a ton of perks to take you to control. As well as managing your all files in a a lot more original way, it is one of the uncommon ways to take additional apps with no a jailbreak. All of those make Download iFunbox a actually hard download for people who need to discover the internal depths of their apple i device. i-FunBox amazing tool is an easy to utilize app, with a fresh interface and the fresh features. The app allow you install and the backup apps and right of entry an app sandbox with no jailbreaking your apple i device. There is also a wallpaper utility, in addition to export music and the movie instrument. iFunBox latest tool is freeware and it is available for Windows and Mac both operation systems.

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ifunbox 2016 download for iOS 9.3 to iOS 9.0

At the present day apple users have new iOS series.That is apple release iOS 9 series.Current day lot of apple users download iOS 9.2 version,Now you can download iFunbox 2016 version for iOS 9.2 , iOS 9.1, iOS 9.0.2, iOS 9.0.1, iOS 9.0 firmwares manage all data. iFunbox old version you do not download because all can manage all things on your iDevice with this new tool.It is really better for all apple users.

Key features of i-funbox

Download ifunbox iOS 9 to iOS 9.3

Utilize ifunbox Install app backup and one-stop

Protected App Install on your new I device by .ipa packages. No Jailbreak necessary for installing buy apps. Support installs unofficial/unidentified .ipa base on App Sync with no install us. Therefore backup install apps rear to .IPA packages for the sharing and the re installation. Uninstall and the install apps here batch simply.

Completely ifunbox total organize of iPhone, iPad file System

Manage your iDevice files in a method just similar to Windows File Explorer but additional robust and the friendly. without problems transmit files and the folders to your PC with optimized file move and browsing.

Very fast common Purpose cargo space from ifunbox tool

Utilize your new I device as an USB moveable disk for common files. use the huge flash memory on your idevice with broadcast speed further than 5MB/s on apple iPhone and 15MB/s on apple iPad.

Use latest i-funbox just export music and movie on your iDevice

Export apple iTunes© handle audio and the video in iDevice to computer as a backup duplicate or burn to the CD. Scan and also populate movie and music files in your iDevice even while iTunes is say no to attach.

Simply install ifunbox for manage iPhone, iPad and iPod

ifun box doesnot want to Jailbreak your latest iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to running with it. You be able to utilize iFunBox latest version with every Apple device like it is. And also this amazing tool supporting with any iOS version and any iDevices past present . Simply superior than iTunes.

Free iFunbox 2.92 , 2.8 download successfully to the public

i-funbox install tool developers released their latest updates few days ago for iPhone 6s plus, iPhone 6s, iPad Pro and all iDevices. It is totally download free and the ifunbox 2.8 , ifunbox 2.9.2 allows influential files and the apps manage with music, videos, ringtones and photos.Now install ifunbox latest fils within our web site on your Windows and Mac operation systems easily.

Direct download iFunBox 3.0 , 3.1.2 for Windows

Just now you can manage your apple devices with on your Windows and Mac PC with using i-funbox. Ifunbox tool is a free app for Windows PC with iFunBox creators which is a friend app for latest iPhone, iPad and iPods that be able to copy and the view every documents and media files in your iDevice. This grate app manages the all files on your I device with no trouble transfers files to and from into your using iphone or PC with the apps optimized file move system in addition to browsing for example for photos, , wallpapers, music files or just any other common files. Download the i-funbox just now and after you can correctly manage your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch files speedily and without difficulty.

iFunbox iOS 9.3, iOS 9.4 soon

This future ifunbox tool should be release by this tool developers after release iOS 9.2.1 and iOS 9.3 firmware by apple company.Because apple developers working these days release their next update for all apple users with latest improvements and bug fixes.So after free this any iOS version in near future i-funbox 2016 version developers ready to release their next update any time for apple users to keep their I Devices cleanly.Stay with us get more details of new ifunBox updates.